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Captcha Team for night hours   Featured Project 

Status: Open
Budget: $30-100
Bidding Ends: 11 Feb. 2017
Project Creator: hetsoft (No Feedback Yet)
Attachments: No Attachments
Job Type: Web
Province: n/a
City: n/a
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I want an individual or team who can do captcha work in night hours.
The time will be 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM. The bidder must be from Canada.
Only Canadian will be select for the project.
Give me your bid per 1000 Correct Entries.
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  elsource $30 1days 18 Nov. 2008 (No Feedback Yet)
Hi, I am from India. But I can support for you 24/7 without fail. I have team of 100+ peoples. If you interested let us discuss further. Please feel free to contact me. IM raja.paulraj
  ej0619arch $30 1days 08 May. 2009 (No Feedback Yet)
please see private message
  giridurga4u $30 1days 06 Jan. 2009 (No Feedback Yet)
Hello,Plz check PMB.Thanks.
  mprlak $30 1days 25 Jan. 2009 (No Feedback Yet)
Hi, I have 50+ seats in company India. I already do this work successfully. My rate is every 1k entries $1.8. Thank U
  hrahman $30 1days 19 Feb. 2009 (No Feedback Yet)
Pls. See My Private Message
  Shinetech-Com $30 10days 28 Jan. 2010 (No Feedback Yet)
Honorable sir I am providing high value service. If you accept me for this respected job, I strongly believe that you will get the perfect satisfaction. I have 10 PCs and 10x10x3 shift=30 workers in my own office with very fast Internet connection and UPS. I there fore pray and hope that you will give me the golden chance to complete your respected job. Sincerely, Mr. Bhuiyan Shinetech Computers Bangladesh
  marvan $60 1days 24 Apr. 2010 (No Feedback Yet)
Toronto Ontario Canada We are willing to accept this project.