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Markeing Persons   

Status: Open
Budget: $250-500
Bidding Ends: 12 Feb. 2017
Project Creator: dutta (No Feedback Yet)
Attachments: No Attachments
Job Type: Marketing
Province: New Brunswick
City: Tracadie-Sheila
Operating System: Not Required
Database: Not Required
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I need marketing persons who can market my web hosting packages. On every sale you will get 35% profit. It is really a big job. So start profit now. All marketing persons can bid with their profile, i select who have more experience then others.
So start bid now.
Options Service Provider Bid Amount Delivery Within Time of Bid Feedback Image
  icbanique $500 1days 10 Oct. 2008 (No Feedback Yet)
Please make it my project.
  michaelkarl $300 10days 10 Oct. 2008 (No Feedback Yet)
Please give me your project, i will do my best.
  jenydicosta $280 10days 10 Oct. 2008 (No Feedback Yet)
At the lower amount, i like to do your project.