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Status: Open
Budget: $100-250
Bidding Ends: 01 Feb. 2017
Project Creator: EggaZin (No Feedback Yet)
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Job Type: Marketing
Province: n/a
City: n/a
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We need 100 referrals to sign up and complete offers. They must be from the US/CANADA/UK. They must be from 100 different people, not 1 person with a bunch of contacts or same ip address.
Give me you bid asap.
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  riverfire $250 2days 20 Nov. 2008 (No Feedback Yet)
I can provide you more than 100 diff valid emails coming from diff IP addresses but not from the 3 countries mentioned. If interested, pls advise me, thanks!
  ivelink $200 14days 06 Apr. 2009 10/10
3 reviews
let's do it!
  emy2009 $180 3days 09 Apr. 2009 (No Feedback Yet)
hi, let's start low costly, i can provide you as many sign up's you want..
  1975 $150 5days 13 Oct. 2009 (No Feedback Yet)
Hi, We are interested in working on your project. We are glad to inform you that we have experienced staff who can definitely do the job. All of our staff are working in our business office and are being managed by our supervisors free of charge. The staff are your offshore dedicated workers and you have full control of them. Hope to hear from you.